About us


Started in 2011. A search engine which provides the details of amenities in OMR. When you hear the name OMR, it rings IT services for many. But remember, it's a place that has A-Z. We are gifted to render this service. We are here to bear the burden, you don't need to compromise with single enterprise or shop. We've given 'n' number of firms.

So you can analyze and enjoy the benefits from your home itself. Necessity to bargain doesn't exist because, by using our website you can avail discounts upto 50%. Has the collection of the Hostel, Restaurant, Automobiles, Schools, Colleges, Public sector units, Bank, ATM, Health care and lot others. You can get the vacancies of the hostels on a monthly basis.

Our service will be of perpetual in nature. We need your support to enhance our web site.